Waarom zijn de makelaars zo negatief?

Makelaars zijn rasoptimisten. Ze moeten wel. Wie gaat er immers een huis kopen als de verkoper zegt dat het voorlopig alleen maar minder...
Wij willen u optimaal informeren over de woningmarkt. Hiervoor speuren wij het internet af naar nieuwsberichten over de woningmarkt. Dit nieuwsbericht is gevonden op: MT.nl. Als u het hele bericht wilt bekijken, klik dan op 'lees meer'

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The Gel spot on! You never see so many hair products for men elerwhese!Dutch men; that's just a whole other post. The normal, average male wears a TON of Gel (or Wax; for the more sophisticated Dutch guy), wear bright colored sweaters (usually picked up by their wives/girl friends; electric green, magenta and orange colors you usually would dress kids in) and wear these rectangle, edgy specs. Mostly a pair of jeans- nothing new here. They like shirts with prints (something only kids wear in other countries) and wording in mostly English- words that make no sense at all! Nice and tight to show off their beer belly! They buy them at the WE or C&A. Shoes are usually most expensive of the ensemble ranging between sneakers and pointy leather numbers with a twist- bright laces or a print. Granted most Dutch males have huge feet, so one can not really overlook those zijlboten' (sail boats) of shoes that mostly add a couple sizes. Here you have it, your typical Dutch male. Oh, did I mention most of them have a windbreaker as coat, preferably the same one as their partners? They get these at the ANWB (the Dutch AAA road assistance accessories) store so funny!!

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